I'm Shaina, your new bestie for the day. 

Not your typical photographer, there's no fluff here! 

You'll find me sneaking around snapping away, most of the time you'll wonder if I'm even still there! I like to give space to my couples and their guests but never fear, there are going to be plenty of saucy snaps of you and all your guests at the end of the night! 


You need flowers too?

hey there

I believe weddings should be affordable. Too much money is spent on this day nowadays which is why I keep my prices to a minimum. 

I'm very adaptable and will move with the flow of my couples, capturing all the details that they tirelessly wrote dozens of lists over, snapping their loved ones in the midst of holding back tears and most importantly, I'll grasp the true bond my couples have with one another. 

Documentary-style with a flair of 'arty' snaps is what you'll get with me. They aren't going to be boring but I will definitely get those pics for your fam who'll want to display them on their mantelpiece at home because I get it, some peeps are still old school and not quite ready for those creative family pics. 

I won't be offended if you have a little list of photos that you absolutely have to get to appease certain people. We can knock that all over in 15 mins and get on with the pictures you've really hired me for! 

Oh yeah and I'm a classic over-achiever...